Player Evaluation

Player evaluation shows data that provides the ability to identify and target areas that will increase the opportunity to become a college or pro prospect. Test and Train Baseball collects and tracks over 20 different metrics to give a full 360 view of an athletes athletic and baseball abilities.


We take the data from your player evaluation and build each player a customized training program focused on improving speed, strength and agility.  Each player has the opportunity to work with our athletic and baseball trainers.


Player marketing is an integral part of college recruiting process. We effectively and efficiently market players through the use of skill videos, digital profile, email blast and social media content. Our advisors will help guide your athlete each step of the way in your recruiting journey. 

Have Questions?

Have you ever wondered where you stack up against other players in the city, state, country? Are you curious as to what colleges you should reach out to? Do you have what it takes to play baseball at the next level? If you have any of these questions, we will help you answer all of those!