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Test and Train Baseball works with student-athletes to help improve and market their academic, athletic and baseball abilities to college recruiters and professional scouts.

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2023 Top 10 Baseball Prospects in Arizona

The Arizona Top 10 Prospects for the class of 2023 is an interesting group of talented athletes who have shown us eye popping athleticism and versatility. We are extremely excited to watch this group continue to develop as they approach their draft year.

2022 Top 10 Baseball Prospects in Arizona

The Arizona Top 10 Prospects for the class of 2022 is a dynamic blend of athletes and power arms. With a plethora of talent in this year's class it made it difficult to narrow down the list, but we are confident that these guys will continue to rise to the top of their class.    


Our trainers, tutors and mentors will guide your athlete each step of the way as they navigate through the training and recruiting process.


We are constantly tracking your progress in order to target areas that will increase the opportunity to become a college/pro prospect.


Athletes have the option of utilizing our player marketing services which includes online profile, skill videos, emails and brochures sent to coaches.

“Test and Train has provided my son with a training and recruiting plan of attack that is tailored to his specific needs. In a few weeks time we have already made contact with dozens of college coaches ”

Jason Mcbride

“My son has improved his physical strength and overall baseball skill level dramatically over the last year thanks to the Test and Train program. I would recommend it to any aspiring college athlete.”

Don Hagen

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