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Test and Train Baseball’s goal is to develop players of all abilities and provide them opportunities to be seen by college coaches and professional scouts. Everything we do is about preparing the player for their next level of baseball.  Our program incorporates all the key aspects of helping its players succeed at the highest levels of the game – mentoring, performance training and recruiting services.

Test and Train Baseball gives athletes the power to control their future with a platform geared towards statistics, testing and improvement. Athletes, parents, and coaches now can track and curate each athlete’s career to increase next-level opportunities.  

The process begins with a player assessment (PASS) at one of our PASS events throughout the year.  By attending a Pass event, each participant will be given a player profile, TNT score comparing your abilities to your peers, and stats from the workout uploaded to each player’s TNT player profile that can be used as a recruiting tool.  We recommend that each athlete participates in 2-3 events annually to properly track an athlete’s progress.

How to get started

Individual Player Evaluations

Any athlete above 12 years old looking to understand where they comparably stand in their ability within their age group and professionally can be evaluated.

Team and League Evaluations:

1.) The Try Out Eval: Teams where cuts need to be made will use the evaluations on border players to help aid the decisions keeping or cutting an athlete. Coaches may end up seeing an athlete’s potential value more to that team/program in the future.

2.) The All In Eval: Teams that are willing to unselfishly comprehend where each player fits and use that information as a team builder to help individuals compete to improve their scores throughout the year/offseason to hold each other accountable for getting better.

**Teams have a preferred number of athletes that start at 12 and go to a maximum of 60**

How is it done?!

The athletes’ tools are tested and tracked utilizing the following technology:

  • The Blast Motion, Rapsodo, Radar Guns, Stop Watches, Digital Timer & More.

Athleticism Testing:

This consists of 10+ individual tests. Each test will give us a comprehensive look to how each athlete compares to other athletes at all ages.  Remember, these tests do not tell us how good of a baseball player the athlete is, but how much athleticism the player has, how effective your fast twitch muscles are, and how much room for improvement you potentially have.  This test is combined with the rest of the assessment in help to create the final results.  These tests are listed here:

  • Med Ball Toss
  • Shoulder Width
  • Shoulder Flex
  • Hand strength
  • Hand size
  • The 10/30 yard sprint
  • The T Test sprint
  • 5/10/5 sprint
  • Home to First sprint
  • The Broad Jump
  • Vert Jump

Baseball Skill Testing:

These tests will show us what kind of baseball player you are. 

  • Hitters exit velocity(Off of tee)
  • Hitters (batting practice using Rapsodo and Blast Motion)
  • Throwing velocity (Pulldown)
  • Pitcher only (bullpen using Rapsodo)
  • Infield, outfield and catching skills
  • Game play

Functional Movement Screening:

These tests assess 7 basic movement patterns to identify tightness and weakness in the body so they can be corrected before serious injury. The benefits of functional training are low impact, increased flexibility & coordination, improved balance & posture, helps joint pain, reduces your risk of injury.

Training with a Purpose

After your initial assessment, players will gain a 360-degree view of their athletic and baseball skill set that they can continuously track throughout the year. Players will have access to certified trainers, strength coaches and baseball coaches that can build a structured training program focused on improving on weaknesses while creating a balanced plan of attack moving forward. LEARN MORE

Player Marketing

A TNT recruiting specialist will guide your athlete through the recruiting process while marketing their efforts to college recruiters/ professional scouts using a digital profile, skills videos, brochures, social media content, email, etc. LEARN MORE 

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